AD SPOT AWARD s an international prize conceived to promote and honor creative excellence and effectiveness in social advertising and communication campaigns of public and private entities. The annual event provides a platform for professionals to discuss and compare the work realized by Advertising Agencies, Associations, Companies and Public Institutions.

AD SPOT AWARD targets two very specific and distinct communication categories, making this Festival unique of its kind:

AD SPOT LOW BUDGET dedicated to commercial spots produced on a limited budget will be held in Milan (Italy) next 11 and 12 of October 2011.

1991/2011 special edition: 20 YEARS OF AD SPOT AWARD
At this occasion we would like to organize, along with our annual prize-giving, a special initiative which focuses on the creativity and cost optimization.
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AD SPOT NON-PROFIT: dedicated exclusively to social advertising and non-profit campaigns, will be held in Florence, Italy from 7 to 13 November 2011: Entry time is open, Deadline: 30 September 2011
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