The Idea

What people enjoy most about a TV spot is when its creative power is tinted with ironic hues. To suggest a product through an intelligent use of humor means adding a touch of appeal and getting the consumer's approval more easily while improving memorability and product acceptance.

The increasing attention paid to TV/cinema spots is greatly due to advertising agencies favoring humor to generate in the viewer that slight smile and little fun everybody wants these days and, at the same time, making the brand easier to recall.

This has brought the idea to life to provide a stage for the most entertaining advertising productions and to create authoritative awards for agencies , ad spots and producers.

The event

The award recognizes creative achievements of ad spots based on a humorous story told in a universally understandable language.


The core objective of this event is therefore to address a mode of advertising creativity that adds value through a humorous tone, able to provoke a smile. While the product/service stays at the center of the ad and remains its star, it will be easier and more enjoyable to remember.


Participation will be open to all professionals in Advertising and Communications: Advertising Agencies, Production Companies, Freelancers etc.


The final program will be comunicated to the entrant companies and through the website

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