This year AD SPOT AWARD, the International Festival of Social, Public and Business Communication celebrates its 20th edition.

International event dedicated exclusively to commercial spots produced on a low budgetThe 20th edition will be held in Milan in November 16th, 2011.
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AD SPOT NON-PROFIT 2011 International Festival of Social Advertising will be held from 5 to 12 November, in Florence, Italy.
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SOCIETY&SOCIAL - The International exhibition of social communication campaigns goes on with its travelling programme to present the best worldwide productions of social ads.
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The president of the Republic honoured Society&Social Award with a special recognition plate. More >>

WHO was awarded during past AD SPOT AWARD editions? Look at dedicated sections of SOCIAL COMMUNICATION and LOW BUDGET COMMERCIAL SPOTS.

The BOOK " The social advertising". Next to exit a book/catalogue which gathers a selection of the best social campaigns that have taken part to the event AD SPOT NON-PROFIT in these years. For further information please contact our office.
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