The SOCIETY&SOCIAL international travelling exhibition was conceived to let the public know what the creators from all over the world produce at the service of NGO, Associations and Public bodies. Their communication needs have the main goal of supporting the development of Solidarity Culture and spur the growth of a more effective social communication through the comparison of the work of professionals and of different languages and creative solutions.

ADEE undertakes the promotion of active participation of the public in watching campaigns and encouraging visitors' comment. Most significant messages are then reported to creators who can, in their turn, use this important feedback as motivating force and suggestion source. Moreover, the vote of the public is collected suggesting preferred campaigns and explaining the reason for their choice, if they wish to. Every year, the Society&Social Award is awarded based on such vote. Since the year 2000, over 30 Exhibitions were organized whose aims and contents were agreed in cooperation with the partners. Said flexibility was possible thanks to the Archive of social campaigns including over 5 thousand print and video productions coming from over 50 countries, regularly updated and implemented.

The president of the Republic onored Society&Social Award with a special recognition plate in 2010.

SOCIETY&SOCIAL represents, indeed, the natural continuation of AD SPOT NON PROFIT, sole international award dedicated to social communication exclusively and, which, this year, reaches its 19th edition.

2010 Exhibitions Program :

February Miami USA
Hotel Intercontinental Social communication dedicated to childhood
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October Florence - Italy

October Florence - Italy
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November Florence - Italy
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